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Localized Artificial Insemination Program

Localized Artificial Insemination Program

Artificial insemination services in the province actually started in 1975. Anchored on the national government’s Unified Artificial Insemination Program (UNAIP), campaign for its implementation were dependent mainly from the Department of Agriculture and Provincial Local Government for its logistical requirements.
In 2005, the office decided to make AI its flagship program for the year, with the aim to significantly improve its service delivery and expand coverage, thus, the launching of the Localized AI Program.

The localized program approach resulted to massive campaign for more municipal LGUs participation, as well as generation of commitment for counterpart funds for its implementation. It has also lead to the active participation of NGOs for funding support.

In Bohol, frozen semen of selected breeds which are sourced from the National Artificial Breeding Center is used for upgrading carabaos, cattle and goats.
To date, 45 out of the 47 municipalities and 1 City in Bohol are already covered by the Program.

Strategies employed in the localized approach include:

  • availment of JICA experts through AI Technician volunteers like Takashi Sato, Yuriko Yagi and Kaoru Nagano, who assisted the program;
  • conduct of heat synchronization with the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) in Lomangog, Ubay as lead agency, to hasten artificial insemination especially for carabaos. Hormones are used to synchronize the heat period of pre-qualified animals prior to artificial insemination. With this strategy, AI services has dramatically increased by 300%;
  • building alliances with NGOs like the Confederation of Boholanos in USA and Canada (CONBUSAC) and the Boholano Association of Washington State (BOAWAS), has helped expand areas of coverage through generation of support funds for the procurement of AI paraphernalia and supplies, as well as motorcycles;
  • continuous capacitation of AI Technicians – Basic Training as well as Refresher Courses are conducted annually to ensure professional delivery of the service on field. Monthly AI meetings, semi-annual program assessments to regularly update program milestones and challenges are conducted by the office together with the Department of Agriculture-RFU 7 and the Philippine Carabao Center;
  • training of village-based AI Technicians to increase the AI workforce. Fifteen (15) trained volunteers who privately operating augmented the 41 locally-paid AI Technicians;
  • adoption of AI pilot areas to showcase the impact of AI services. Provided in the pilot areas are: i) trainings on animal health, breeding and nutrition , ii) forage and pasture development, iii) deworming, and iv) vaccination of breeder animals;
  • provision of incentives to AI Technicians -  The Department of Agriculture and the Philippine Carabao Center are providing monetary incentives for every calves dropped; and
  • licensing/accreditation of AI  Technicians to ensure professionalism in the delivery of services.